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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

What has drawn so many people, myself included, to this plant? There are many natural remedies, yet cannabis is used globally despite the various legal statuses in many countries. So why is this? It’s not a simple answer, because the answer is different for everyone. For some people it's sleep, others use it for anxiety, or some patients use it for more serious conditions such as parkinsons, epilepsy, or cancer. But no matter why you choose to consume it brings us together. As the great Colin Wells, founder of Veterans Walk & Talk, calls Cannabis ”The ultimate unifier!”.

Being in the Cannabis industry for 8 years, 3 years dealing in the black market and 5 years in the legal market, I have seen every demographic use cannabis. I was a part of a cannabis protest in DC for Trump's inauguration. A group was going to give out 4,200 joints and everyone was going to spark at 4 minutes and 20 seconds into Trump’s speech. Well people came and donated more so they ended up giving out 9,000 joints. Me and a guy I met on the train on the ride over waited 3 hours in line to get a free joint. During our wait we chatted and smoked with people around us. There were college students, retired military, a few smoking grannies as well. No matter who you were, what race or gender, or what you did for a living, we all got along. We were all freezing but having a great time together and making friends. This was the first time I saw how diverse the cannabis community was.

After I moved to California to pursue my dream in the legal market I realized that wasn’t a one time coincidence. Working in dispensaries I have a variety of customers. Most of my customers, besides tourists, are usually house moms and people over the age of 50. I love this because it allows you to meet and discover stories from people from all over. I have even met with a few patients outside of work and have smoked together. Just listening, laughing, and bonding over a plant! How incredible is that?

Why I believe cannabis unifies people so much, besides the healing nature, is that it allows you to push your ego aside. I think alcohol amplifies your ego which can give over confidence and even lead to some fights. Whereas cannabis allows you to take your ego out and just enjoy the moment you are in and connect to people. So when asked why are people so drawn to Cannabis? I can’t just give you one answer, but I hope you follow me along my journey to show you thousands of reasons why people choose Cannabis!