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Dogs Scooby and Riley with a treat

About Us

Our Story

Thanks for visiting the official site of This platform offers a unique journey through entertaining and engaging video content focused on the breaking down the stigma around Cannabis. All of my guests, questions, and segments will focus on the health  beneficial and creative properties of the cannabis plant. So start browsing my videos and even book to be a guest on the show!

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To a lot of us Shaggy was our first experience or introduction to a "stoner" even if you didn't know it, so who better to teach the world about the plant and the culture of cannabis. My name is Shagwhelin, Shaggy, I have a dog named Scooby Doo and Riley aka Scrappy and I'm going to travel around the country in Van converted into a podcast studio. I want to give a familiar face and platform for people to tell their stories and how Cannabis helped them. I also take you on adventures along the way including smoke spots, best munchie spots in the country, and show that stoners can be productive while medicated!

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